What is waterOutlook used for?

One cloud-based repository for all operational and compliance data that provides:

  • Early warnings
  • Data storage/security
  • Risk reduction
Key Competencies

Where we make a difference

WaterOutlook provides the highest level of data integrity.
We are independent and third-party audit grade.
Data becomes information which drives behaviours.


  • Alerting/alarming
  • Automated daily, weekly, monthly, yearly reporting
  • In-field data collection
  • In-field dashboard/documentation for operators


  • Continuous regulatory parameter monitoring
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Automatic data feeds to/from your regulator


  • Carbon accounting
  • Monitoring of carbon production in real time field instruments
  • Using indirect carbon measurement


  • Direct energy monitoring
  • Measurement of energy efficiency in production
  • A platform to assess process improvements.


  • Measure plant performance KPIs
  • Benchmark a group of plant performance
  • Measure contractor O&M performance


WaterOutlook simplifies the chain of custody and also provides a full audit trail of every action undertaken in the repository.

For example, manual data has the full suite of metadata parameters to satisfy contemporary audit requirements.

The full audit capabilities allow WaterOutlook clients to be paperless for compliance reporting.

WaterOutlook works on the principle of working towards a chain of custody of one: whoever/whatever produces the data puts it in and whoever/whatever needs the data takes it out.


WaterOutlook handles mission critical information for our clients. 

Our system is designed around the highest standards for diversity and redundancy of storage systems.

The independent nature of WaterOutlook creates a safe and fully auditable system for critical data. WaterOutlook is a custodian of data. Our clients own their data.

WaterOutlook provides unprecedented data security via four layers of redundancy and diversity all the way to disconnected backups.  This provides the highest levels of data security.

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